With a portfolio of 24 owned, managed and joint-venture hotels in the United States and Canada, Loews Hotels & Co has continued to pursue a strategy of driving profitable growth through strategic partnerships, developments and acquisitions in major city centers, resort destinations and markets with unique demand generators.

Human Capital


Loews Hotels is dedicated to hiring, engaging and retaining a talented and diverse workforce that mirrors the communities in which the company operates. The company has instituted various employee programs to create an environment where Team Members realize every day that what they do matters.

Loews Hotels is committed to providing competitive levels of pay and benefits and encourages Team Members to participate in services and training that support their well-being and encourage personal and professional growth.


Loews Hotels not only strives for diversity in its own workforce, but also focuses on the diversity of its vendors and suppliers. The company has developed partnerships and contracts with suppliers, associations and businesses owned by minorities and women. Loews Hotels believes that strong relationships with partners leads to empowered employees, satisfied customers, and an improved community. Specifically, the company aims to provide economic opportunities to minority- and womenowned businesses through the Loews Hotels Minority Business Enterprise Program, which gives small businesses owned by these groups the opportunity to become partners of Loews Hotels.


Loews Hotels actively gauges Team Member satisfaction through its myVoice survey, which is administered by an independent third party. This survey is deployed quarterly to provide regular Team Member feedback. This feedback is incorporated into the myVoice Action Plan, which is continually updated with Team Member suggestions on equipment needs, communication issues, and resolving personnel disputes. Managers quickly respond to the issues that are most critical to their teams. The goal is to give Team Members a meaningful voice in departmental operations, underscoring their value within the organization.

Loews Hotels’s Family Traditions is a dynamic and multi-faceted Team Member engagement strategy consisting of more than 40 unique initiatives and programs designed to drive communication, recognition, social responsibility, and many other benefits. This program supports the company in facilitating an innovative people-focused culture that enhances Team Member loyalty and retention.

Ethics & Integrity


Loews Hotels prides itself on a culture of openness, trust and integrity. The company has established the myInput Ethics Hotline, allowing Team Members to report any concerns relating to internal control and fraud, human resources complaints or ethics violations. Loews Hotels uses an industry-leading provider to administer the ethics hotline, allowing Team Members to feel confident that their anonymity is respected when reporting their concerns.


Loews Hotels assesses its cyber-security practices against the NIST Cyber Security Framework. The company retains an independent third party to conduct quarterly internal and external vulnerability assessments and annual penetration tests and goes to great lengths to protect its customers’ privacy. Loews Hotels tokenizes credit card information to significantly reduce the credit card security threat on central systems and hotel property-based systems.


Loews Hotels is committed to minimizing its impact on the environment wherever possible. The company is an industry leader in environmental sustainability and joined the ENERGY STAR partnership nearly ten years ago. Loews Hotels is also a member of the Green Meeting Industry Council.

Utilizing the ENERGY STAR and TripAdvisor Green Guidelines, Loews Hotels created the Loews Hotels Green Program, which includes a dedicated budget for energy-reduction projects across its property portfolio. As part of this program, Loews Hotels created a Corporate Energy Team that assists hotelbased Green Teams’ conducting self-assessments of hotel-level environmental practices, including monitoring and analyzing energy use, waste generation, water consumption and recycling efforts. Loews Hotels has also integrated environmental metrics into its monthly evaluation of physical and operational performance across its building portfolio. Environmental conservation practices are integrated into employee incentives through the Gold Wrench Award, which recognizes leaders among engineering managers. This award factors in solutions that proactively contribute to the company’s sustainability goals.

The Green Program resulted in numerous new environmental sustainability initiatives, including:

  • Green training for all employees;
  • Low-flow showerheads and compact fluorescent
    light bulbs;
  • Seasonal menus featuring locally sourced food, to
    minimize emissions from transportation;
  • Reusable linen, dishware and silverware in room
    service, lounges, bars, banquet rooms and restaurants;
  • Water-reduction efforts, including tap controls,
    water reclamation, metering and sewage credits;
  • Laundry planning/production planning with
    24 Loews Corporation 2019 Sustainability Report 25
    reusable dry-cleaning bags, detergent barrels and
    microprocessor-controlled wash wheels;
  • Environmentally friendly cleaning products; and
  • Sensors that adjust the temperature for when
    guests are in or out of the room.

Loews Hotels has also partnered with several third parties to gain insight into its environmental impact. The company partnered with Waste Revelation, a waste and recycling consulting organization that reviews and tracks all of Loews Hotels’s sustainability and waste-recycling efforts and has developed standards for both existing buildings and new hotels under construction. Waste’s Revelation standards help Loews Hotels meet Department of Energy building codes when it embarks on a new development. Loews Hotels has also partnered with Goby, an enterprise data platform provider of sustainability solutions, in order to track enterprise-wide energy usage and energy consumption per guest.

Loews Hotels has integrated energy-efficient equipment into its long-term capital infrastructure plans. Over the past five-plus years, Loews Hotels has invested in upgrading its facilities in order to reduce its energy consumption.

Although Loews Hotels has invested considerably in its green initiatives, management recognizes there is always room for improvement across a portfolio that includes 24 buildings and 10 million square feet. Therefore, Loews Hotels instituted a goal of reducing its portfolio-wide source energy use intensity (EUI) by 20% from its 2012 levels by 2022. So far, Loews Hotels has achieved a 12% cumulative reduction in energy usage against the 2012 baseline and is on track to reach its 20% target.

Loews Hotels’s commitment to sustainability and the environment extends to its suppliers. Working with local farmers, the company looks for certified naturally grown and organic products. It sources protein products for its restaurants that are all natural—with no antibiotics or steroids—from suppliers that are certified as humane. Loews Hotels was one of the first hospitality companies to use cage-free eggs across the portfolio. Additionally, guest room amenity suppliers for shampoo, conditioner, lotion and soaps are required to package products in recyclable tubes, and the products must be natural and not tested on animals.


Loews Hotels developed the hospitality industry’s first comprehensive community outreach program with its Good Neighbor Program, which was awarded the President’s Volunteer Service Award, the highest honor given by the president of the United States for community service directed at solving critical social problems.

Loews Hotels has a number of programs and propertyspecific initiatives. Many of those initiatives involve gifts-in-kind, with an overarching focus on education and schools.

Loews Hotels has prepared more than one million meals in support of Feeding Children Everywhere. Loews Hotels also has relationships with Habitat for Humanity, Ronald McDonald House, Share Our Strength, and many local organizations where Loews Hotels properties are located.