CNA is one of the largest providers of property and casualty insurance in the United States. The company provides a broad range of standard and specialized property and casualty insurance products and services for businesses and professionals in the United States, Canada and Europe. CNA has successfully managed risk for its clients and monitored risk for itself for more than 120 years. Today it is backed by more than $45 billion of invested assets.

One key driver of CNA’s success is the talented individuals that run its businesses. CNA is able to attract top talent by creating a culture that challenges and engages its more than 6,000 employees, offering them opportunities to learn, grow and achieve their career goals. CNA continuously seeks new avenues for supporting and strengthening employees’ knowledge and expertise.

Human Capital


Attracting and retaining talent is a key priority for CNA. By placing a strategic focus on operational excellence, diversity, and the continuous improvement of systems, processes, and technology, CNA’s talent acquisition team ensures the organization can recruit top-tier talent— from underwriters to data scientists to claims adjusters and beyond.

CNA has several key performance indicators for its talent acquisition efforts to measure the speed, quality and overall cost of the recruitment process. These metrics include overall retention and high-performer retention, in addition to the time to fill a role (targeted at less than 60 days), cost per hire, and hiring manager satisfaction.


CNA strives to create a culture of continuous learning, providing all employees with access to online and instructor-led courses that provide skill building and learning related to various professional skills. In addition, CNA provides structured onboarding, technical trainee programs, on-the-job learning, multilayered leadership development programs and educational reimbursement. Since January 2018, more than 1,400 CNA employees have participated in professional development and leadership training courses.


The company’s commitment to diversity and inclusion (D&I) is a key component of CNA’s day-to-day business.


  • Develops partnerships and contracts with suppliers, associations and businesses owned
    by minorities and women;
  • Fosters diversity awareness and skills at all levels and within all functions;
  • Explores new and diverse markets, customers and distribution channels for CNA products
    and services;
  • Understands customers’ needs and business practices globally and develops strategies to
    support them;
  • Partners with and invests in the diverse communities where CNA does business; and
  • Promotes an environment of acceptance and inclusion.

CNA’s emphasis on D&I is integral to its goal of recruiting and retaining the best talent and ultimately, driving superior business performance. CNA fosters an environment that promotes new ways of problem-solving and rewards diversity of thought. CNA routinely reviews its workforce statistics and maintains active plans to develop and attract more female and ethnically diverse talent.

As part of its D&I efforts, CNA develops strong partnerships with and actively recruits talent from effective diversity organizations, including the National Black MBA Association and Prospanica. Additionally, the company partners with diverse colleges and universities as part of its campus recruiting initiatives, engages vendors to proactively develop pipelines of diverse talent for key positions, uses social media campaigns to target and engage specific talent sets and recruits on niche diversity job boards.

D&I education is a cornerstone of CNA’s leadership development programs and onboarding for new hires. Online D&I training is available to all employees, and senior leadership receives oneon- one coaching.

Participation in D&I programs at CNA is strong and the company’s Employee Resource Groups (ERGs)—including the African American Employee Networking Group, Asian American and Pacific Islander Employee Network, Growing Professionals, Organization of Hispanic and LatinX Americans, Pride@CNA and Women Impacting Leadership—are helping lead the way.


CNA is committed to being a great place to work, a commitment that is shared by the entire senior leadership team. To ensure that the company remains focused on initiatives important to employees, CNA seeks direct, candid feedback on the employee work experience via a bi-annual employee survey administered by an independent third party.

Ethics & Integrity


CNA has codified its ethical standards in key policies, including the Commitment to Professional Conduct and the Code of Business Conduct and Ethics. These policies are promoted internally and available to all employees across the company. These policies are also used publicly to drive external commitments. CNA has instituted a conflict of interest process and antiharassment training that occur upon initial hire and annually thereafter. The company measures the effectiveness of these programs through a global survey that takes place every other year.

Additionally, CNA’s policy against bribery and corruption incorporates a global approach by encompassing the behaviors and expectations addressed in major anti-corruption laws and regulations rather than specific jurisdictional requirements. All CNA’s global locations must adhere to the Global Anti-Corruption Policy, although affiliates may create more stringent policies to address local conditions. Each employee at CNA is required to annually attest to the prohibition of improper payments during the Conflict of Interest process. Stand-alone antibribery training is also available to employees.

CNA’s customer focus and responsible work practices benefit its customers. The company prides itself on delivering world-class customer service to distinguish its brand. For example, CNA’s experienced claim staff provides timely and high-quality service to its customers, which has resulted in industry-leading claims-related Net Promoter Scores. The company greatly benefits customers by the way it responds to their needs during critical times. Additionally, CNA develops insurance products and risk management services that facilitate viable solutions for its customers, helping them conduct their businesses in a risk-prudent manner.



As a property and casualty insurer, CNA is acutely aware of the detrimental impacts natural catastrophe risks can have on a property, company or individual. CNA utilizes catastrophe models and claims experience to assess and monitor these risks, and also stays abreast of scientific advances to determine if risks are expected to change materially over time.


CNA understands that climate change could pose significant risks to the insurance industry. Global temperatures have risen rapidly in recent decades and severe weather events have underscored the unpredictability of future climate trends. Weather events include droughts, wildfires, flooding, heat waves, hurricanes, storm surges, tornadoes, blizzards, ice storms and tropical storms. Insurers must identify climate-related factors and evaluate how they will impact their business and the exposures they insure.


As an insurer, CNA’s activities do not generate a significant amount of greenhouse gas emissions or waste. Nevertheless, sustainability takes many forms at CNA, and green practices have been a part of the company’s day-to-day operations for many years. Across its worldwide offices, the company has established a “good practice” campaign across offices worldwide, which includes recycling reminders and a variety of energy-efficiency tips. CNA has also partnered with organizations like Tree Canada, a nonprofit dedicated to forestation and reforestation and CNA funded the planting of thousands of trees across Canada to promote a more sustainable future.


CNA has an established corporate social responsibility program and strategy with a focus on four core areas: education, environment, inclusion and well-being. CNA employees are as passionate about giving their time and support to nonprofit organizations in their communities as they are about building a profitable and successful business. They express this commitment by participating in a wide array of volunteer activities, including charity walks, home renovations and other community service projects.

In addition, CNA has three distinct charitable giving programs: Matching Gift Plan, Payroll Donation Program, and Corporate Donations. The company supports the charitable giving of its employees by matching contributions to qualified nonprofit organizations—dollar for dollar—up to $5,000 per year.

Employees can submit matching gift requests, sign up for volunteer events and stay connected with CNA’s corporate social responsibility program. Through various programming, CNA employees reported more than 7,124 hours of volunteer work in 2018. A major contributor to these efforts was CNA VOLUNTEER-A-THON, the company’s campaign to promote volunteering during the month of October.