10 Ways to Strengthen Your Small Retail Business

CHICAGO, March 25, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Your small business exists in a competitive, yet exciting, market that is constantly evolving. Produced by CNA, the eighth largest commercial insurer in the United States, the 2018 Guide to the New Realities of Retail: 10 Ways to Strengthen Your Independent Retail Business provides you with information to help increase your store's chances for success.

Retailers exist in a competitive yet exciting market that is consistently evolving as each day passes. Technology has never been more meaningful for merchants while customer demands have never been so strong. This introduces various challenges for retailers, especially small to mid-size merchants who don't have an entire team of associates keeping up with the ever-changing retail landscape. Yet at the same time, these challenges can be welcomed as opportunities with the right perspective, the willingness to embrace change and the resources to help you along the way.

The new realities include:

  • Understanding who you and your customers are
  • How to use and leverage social media and other technology to your advantage
  • The importance of retaining your current customer base — not just attracting new buyers
  • How to leverage third-party sellers, and external business partners to your advantage

Whether you're a Retail-Preneur, Retail Guru or a Retail Legacy, approach 2018 with open arms and welcome the opportunities that retail — and the 2018 Guide — can bring your way.

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